This expert review of Bitcoin Games covers the essential details bitcoin users need to know before they give the website a try. Discover the range of games, cryptocurrencies, bonus offers, and more below. games casino site

Bitcoin Games is a simple, straightforward casino designed for people who gamble with bitcoin exclusiveley. It is well designed, featuring a vibrant yellow-and-blue colour scheme that makes it easy on the eye across desktop and mobile devices. It is the gaming department of one of the biggest Bitcoin portals

The casino is easy to navigate too, with the different games categories labelled clearly beneath the logo on the homepage. It’s extremely accessible for newcomers looking to explore as well as long-term members who want to go direcly to their preferred game.

The games available include Video Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Keno, Slots, and Dive. However as varied as this is, the number of games actually featured on Bitcoin Games is very small, with no titles made by leading developers. You may be familiar with big-budget slot games on other casinos, typically ones based on movies or comic-books, as well as slick live-dealer games.

At Bitcoin Games, though, none of these are available. Clicking on the Slots category will take you to a single game, which features a mix of symbols and adjustable paylines. You can tweak the number of lines, automate the spins, or bet the maximum amount just by clicking the respective buttons.

It’s a colourful little slot game, and gets straight to the point: playing to win. This is not for everyone, especially those craving a more polished gambling experience with all the bells and whistles of cutting-edge game design, but it gives you the means to play your favourite games in a stripped-down format nevertheless.

The other games are similar in their simplicity. There is one video poker, one blackjack, and so on, without any gimmicks or superfluous elements. All of the games are fast-paced, colourful, and feature smooth performance, without slowing browsers down with the latest graphics or video sequences.

Bitcoin Games Signup and Membership

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Bitcoin Games has a terrific approach to signing up and creating a membership: you don’t have to register at all to play with your bitcoin. Each user visiting Bitcoin Games is given their own anonymous account automatically. You can return to your unique account after leaving the casino by typing in the personal URL found by clicking on the account tab above the leaderboard.

If you so wish, though, you can create a password for your account using secure two-factor authentication. You can activate certain accessibility factors by clicking on the account tab. Having no pressure to register is a real incentive to use Bitcoin Games, and is ideal for bitcoin users who love the anonymity and hassle-free structure of the cryptocurrency itself.

Bitcoin Games Deposits and Withdrawals

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You can make deposits at Bitcoin Games by clicking on the ‘deposit bitcoin’ button at the bottom of the page, and you will be given an address. You should send your bitcoins to said address and you will be able to start gambling. Alternatively, you can add bitcoins through Altcoins instead.

Bitcoin Games provides you with a link to a website with information on where you can buy bitcoin too. This is a big help if you’re new to the cryptocurrency and have no idea how to invest in it. Bitcoin Games’ deposits tend to take only a couple of seconds, as they don’t wait for confirmations before transferring them to your account; in short, they will credit your account as soon as the bitcoin network detects your depository transaction. You can make withdrawals by clicking on the ‘Cash Out’ button at the bottom of the page. This takes only a few seconds to complete.

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the only form of currency available at Bitcoin Games. You can deposit bitcoin by clicking the green button at the bottom of the screen; you can deposit bitcoin to Bitcoin Games by sending bitcoins to the address provided. Any bitcoin wallet can be used. They have opened a new online casino at the beginning of 2018 for Bitcoin Cash and it is called Bitcoin Cash Games. You can reach it after you open your instant account at Bitcoin Games.

Bitcoin Games Bonus Offers games big winners

There are no bonus offers at Bitcoin Games at present. However, the lack of a registration requirement, instant payouts, and a minimum of 99% RTP on games will no doubt be a powerful draw to players. You can also see other users list at the Big Wins (see above), Rare Wins and Leaderboard lists.


Bitcoin Games is a distinctive type of bitcoin casino, with a small but fun range of games appealing to varied tastes. The way in which the site provides you with a unique account as soon as you arrive is terrific, allowing you to play for bitcoins without giving up your personal details.

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