What is Provably Fair?

provably fair online casinoHave you ever encountered the term ‘Provably Fair’ (PF)?

If you’re an experienced online-gambler, you may well have, but what if you’re just starting to explore the range of virtual casinos available today?

Here at Coincasinos.co.uk, we’re passionate about helping you learn everything you need to know – and that includes giving you the lowdown on the Provably Fair bitcoin gambling system…

Provably Fair: Creating Hashes

The Provably Fair bitcoin gambling system is a powerful way to make cheating in casino games impossible, benefiting the player and the business alike. Proving a game’s outcome in land-based casinos has rarely (if ever) been easy, but the continued rise of online gambling has made it somewhat simple.

These systems depend on cryptographic hash functions: these power the transformation of input data into strings. With cryptographic hash functions, deriving the original information from the hash should be incredibly tough, as should finding two strings revolving around a single hash.

Even with the best technology available, cracking the strongest hashes is challenging to say the least (if not impossible), given the efficiency of the bitcoin network’s cryptography. Online casinos can use Provably Fair bitcoin systems to prove to their customers that their seeds remained unchanged during a game, without actually needing to reveal said seed; this can build trust between members and the brand itself.

Provably Fair: The Process

The formulas used for the Provably Fair system vary from one game type to the next, such as in blackjack, poker, craps, and others. Every bitcoin gambling casino is likely to use a unique method to reach results, and Random Number Generators (RNG) are employed to ensure randomness (true to the experience of playing at a brick-and-mortar casino).

Casinos will create a seed number for a specific bet, whatever it may be, which is then hashed. This gets sent to the player, who adds their own seed, before said bet is played out to its conclusion. Once completed, the player will be given the seed used in the bet – if it matches, the wager can be considered verified and true. This is evidence that the casino did not interfere with the outcome in any way.

Provably Fair: Doing Your Research

While every online casino can claim to offer Provably Fair results, they can only actually prove their outcomes: in the latter, the casino will know the result while the customer doesn’t. However, these casinos are able to cheat by presenting just the losing outcome to their customers – meaning the games aren’t fair at all!

However, you can avoid this when embarking on bitcoin gambling at online casinos. Make an effort to go to their small print, and explore their breakdown of the Provably Fair system on any site you want to use. The majority of them include a comprehensive guide to how they calculate their games’ outcome, with a bespoke form you can check to confirm the fairness of your results each time.

We hope this has made the Provably Fair bitcoin gambling system clear! Be sure to check out the other essential articles across coincasinos.co.uk, to discover all the critical information you need to get the most out of your bitcoin gambling!